The Simo are a race of Ape-like beings who were the second creation of the Sky Gods, after The War of The Gods. The only Simo inhabitants of Antoisia came from a trade vessel which was shipwrecked on the shores of the forsaken continent some time during the Renaissance era of Antoisia's history. The Simo are the world's newest race and originated outside of Antoisia, on a continent yet unaffected by the Dryad King's imprisonment of the lesser water gods. Thus, very little is known about them and their homeland. 


The Simo are a large species that ranges from 6’ to 8’ tall with skin connecting their chest and arm similar to flying squirrels in order to enable them to glide from mountain top to mountain top in their home nation. On the flatlands of Antoisia however, they feel slow and powerless without high places to traverse.

Society and CultureEdit

Little is known about the culture and customs of the Simo homeland; only that the Sky Gods are still active in their lives and that the Simo themselves are extremely devout in their worship.