A Sand Krill

Sand Krill are the bottom of Antoisia's food chain, and the most important element in the survival of all things on the desert continent. Using a series of chemical processes, aided by the magic sands Sand Krill are able to synthesis water from oxygen and hydrogen gases in the air. It is believed by some that the Sand Krill were the final blessing of the Earth Goddess, in an effort to maintain balance in Antoisia's ecosystem.

Biology & HabitatEdit

Sand Krill are able to synthesis water from oxygen and hydrogen gases in the air, through a process which combines the magic of colored sands and their mutated Mitochondria. Sand Krill are multicellurar, but are smaller than the naked eye can observe. Sand Krill reproduce asexually via Mitosis.

Sand Krill are found throughout Antoisia, but are most heavily concentrated in areas rich with Magic Sands. 


Sand Krill are not thought to be intelligent life forms by most inhabitants of Antoisia, and seem to act on an extremely basic stimulus response servival mechanism.


Until the late renaisance period of the world's history, the Sand Krill went unobserved by Antoisia's people, and it was assumed that many animals simply evoked sustanance from the sand itself. Eventually however, with the invention of the microscope and the study of the magic sands, Sand Krill were discovered, and heavily researched by Forna scientists to unlock their true potential.

Almost every animal in Antoisia turns to Sand Krill as a primary source of sustanance, from the lowliest insects to the mighty Sand Whales. The Forna, Dryads, and Humans however, took much longer to discover this microscopic organism's true potential. During the industrial era, Forna scientists developed methods for breeding and farming Sand Krill as a means of generating water. This development lead to an unprecidented economic boom for the Forna people, and the new Krill Farming methods brought relative prosperity to many previously arid settlements.