Red Sand

Red sand is a naturally occurring type of sand found on the continent of Antoisia. The sand gets its red color from the hematite found in the surrounding environment.


Red sand magic is said to be the magic of the fighter. Red sand, and it's subsequent forms, has been classified by arenophites as an internal type of magic that effects the user's body.


In its sand form, red sand increases a person’s agility, reflexes, and mobility when the sand is applied to the person’s skin. The amount of sand on the person determines how much their agility, reflexes, and mobility are enhanced.


Red sand that has been melted down and formed into glass will unlock the red glass's ability to naturally glow red in the dark.


Metals cast in a red mold will imbue the metal with its red color and the ability to enhance the user’s strength, as long as the metal is in the user’s possession. The strength increase on the user is dependent on the size of the metal piece.