The Rainbow Mines: "where the rainbow ends". The Rainbow Mines are an abundant source for all colors of sands for use in sand magic. The mines have spent much of their existance under Forna control, and are a major source of income for the Forna kingdom, as well as a major trade hub of Antoisia.


Up until the discovery of Magic Sand and its true potential, the rainbow mines were seen as nothing more than an oddity in Antoisia. However, once the magic of the Sands was unlocked the Forna swept in and took control of the Mines, quickly making them the center of commerce related to the Magic Sands of Antoisia and increasing the economic strength of the Forna.


The Rainbow Mines are worked primarily by the lowest caste of Forna, however they have been known to take in Humans and Simo who are willing to earn a days pay.