Black Sand

Black sand is a naturally occurring type of sand found on the continent of Antoisia. The sand gets its black color from the magnetite found in the surrounding environment.


Black sand magic is said to be the magic of the divine. Black sand, and it's subsequent forms, has been classified by arenophites as an amalgamation of both internal and external type of magic that synergizes both physical endurance of the body with the forces of nature. It is because of this black sand is considered a dual form and is represented on the synthesis chart.


In its sand form, black sand has a weak magnetic force.


Black sand that has been melted down and formed into black glass will unlock the black glass's ability to turn the user into an unstoppable juggernaut when they are in motion.


Metals cast in a black mold will imbue the metal with its black color and grants the user invulnerability and become an immoveable object.

Metals cast in black molds will come out two times heavier than usual.