The symbol of the earth goddess, Bhūmaṇḍala.

Goddess of the Earth. Bhūmaṇḍala is also the creator of the Forna race as well as the creator of all land based animals in Belizia.


Bhūmaṇḍala is the fourth child and second eldest daughter of the Óla Theós. As part of the second generation of the gods, Bhūmaṇḍala and her brothers and sisters are direct descendents from the Óla Theós.


Bhūmaṇḍala is a just and fair goddess with a kind heart. Of her brothers and sisters, Bhūmaṇḍala identified with the life cycle aspect of her mother and therefore has a strong sense of justice and maintaining balance within Belizia. It is because of her personality the other gods appointed her as judge during the event of the Court of the Gods to preside over the event and provide a fair and just verdict on all decisions rendered.

Despite her fair and just nature, Bhūmaṇḍala also a very proud and vain goddess. Constantly working to keep the balance within nature, she is not afraid to strike down those who have insulted her and those whom she feels are true threats to the nature of Belizia. However, because of her nature, she will not intervene in most affairs of the other races unless it threatens the very foundations of Belizia itself. Her wrath is said to be the reason why Belizia has earthquakes. 


Because of her dedication to justice, equality, and fairness Bhūmaṇḍala is the patron goddess of justice, the law, politics, courts, and judges. She is also the patron goddess of hunters because of her connection to all land based animals. 


Bhūmaṇḍala is the only goddesses within the second generation who never married. This however, did not stop her from having children of her own. After accidentally giving birth to Huǒshān by the power of Nārāzagī's heart, Bhūmaṇḍala rejected her first son and later went on to have Shān,Jùn Qún, Shítou, Jīnshǔ, and Shā by her own power alone.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Being a second generation goddess of the earth, Bhūmaṇḍala has highly formidable powers. Like all gods, she has the ability to shapeshift, teleport, create, and destroy life. Being an earth goddess and mother to the other earth gods and goddess, Bhūmaṇḍala has the ability to shape, create, and destroy any form of landmass and earth. She has a link to all of her children's powers and is able to control other aspects of nature her children preside over, including rocks, trees, sand, etc. Having also created all land based animals, Bhūmaṇḍala can also communicate and tame any animal found in Belizia.