Óla Theós

The symbol of the triple goddess, Óla Theós.

A goddess who is the creation goddess. She has many forms from one goddess with 3 faces, as one goddess with 3 eyes, or as 3 separate goddesses. Goddess of history and time, knowledge, and wisdom.


Óla Theós is the supreme and ultimate goddess who was present at the beginning of the universe. She has no parents, however all of creation is said to be derived from her. And it is because of her that the world of Belizia exists. 


Creation GoddessEdit

Goddess of the past, beginning, evil, child, mind, rebirth, positive

Preserver GoddessEdit

Goddess of the present, middle, balance, adult, body, life, neutral

Destruction GoddessEdit

Goddess of the future, end, good, elder, soul, death, negative


Goddess of history and time, knowledge, and wisdom.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit